About Us

J Buchheit Farm is located immediately west of the small town of Lick Creek in Union County, Illinois off Interstate 57 at exit 36–Lick Creek Road. The creek itself divides our 400+ acre farm in half: Approximately half of the farm are fields primarily used for pasture and hay production, and half are forested. About 12 years ago, we started with a small herd of English breeds–a cross between Hereford and Angus to produce the black baldy–many consider the black baldy to produce some of the finest quality meat available. Today, we have about 60 head of breeding stock. So at the present time, we are capable of producing 50-60 head per year; and we are seeking additional pastures that meet our requirements (i.e., no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides), either to purchase or to rent.

Our goal at J Buchheit Farm is to produce a high quality beef in a sustainable environment. We are strictly against overextending the natural resources of our farm. As stewards of the land, we will only raise and sell what the land can comfortably produce. Our grass-fed beeves are raised from start to finish on rotational pastures consisting of high-quality forages grown free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. They have never been given antibiotics, hormones, or unnatural growth stimulants. We want our beeves to thrive on rich forages in an environment that is sustainable indefinitely. By raising our beef from start to finish, we have complete control over how the animal is raised and what the animal eats. After we sell all of our animals in any given year, we will not buy animals from other farms in order to meet market demands.